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Head of Department

Asst. Prof. Aniket Sunil Pawar

Asst. Prof. Aniket Sunil Pawar

Education M.B.A, M. A.
Email id: Nickypawar9689@gmail.com
About Department The department is established in 2019, our department is located in to the main building. The faculty members of the department are continuously engaged in guiding the UG students. The department actively involved students in different activities so as to increase communication among faculty administration. We make learning an amicable and enjoyable experience by implementing an integrated approach with the right mix of academic, extracurricular and sports activities. We increasingly endeavour to build their physical, intellectual, emotional, psychological and spiritual strengths so that they are better equipped to deal with real world challenges and make them ready to stand on their own feet.

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Asst.Prof. A.S.Pawar