Chemistry Dept HOD’s Desk

Head of Department

















HOD Name (Full Name) Prof. Bhaskar Keval Nikam


MSc. B.Ed. SET

Ph. D. (Pursuing – Surfactant Chemistry), PG (Organic chemistry), UG. (Chemistry )


About Department

The department is established in 1972, our department is located in close proximity to the main building. The department is one of the oldest department in the college. The department of chemistry is well known for its excellence in teaching and research. The faculty members of the department are continuously engaged in state of the art research as well as guiding the UG and PG students. The department has made great efforts for the overall development of students by mentoring and guiding the students.  M.Sc. Organic chemistry course under the norms of SPPU, Pune has been started in 2008. The department faculties are constantly working on different duties assigned by the college or university. The department has distinguished itself as a center for innovative and  pioneering  research in various aspects of chemistry. The department students are also continuously participating in different extension, extracurricular and co-curricular activities. Department has an excellent collection of  books, journals, and reference material available for students and faculties. All the faculty members are available as faculty advisors, consulting about their course; they are also willing to discuss carrier opportunities and even philosophy. Department actively involved students in different activities so as to increase communication among faculty administration and students.