English Language Lab

Department of English- Language Lab-

The Lab is in front of the Principal’s cabin. There are 7 computers with updated language software related to soft skills and grammar available in the lab. The computers are in LAN with internet facility. There is an LCD projector along with a smart board.

Lab Photo:

Lab Layout:
The lab is planted in 21 X 25 =526 Square feet area of the room that is very opposite to the Principal’s cabin. There is furniture having 13 booths constructed in the lab with proper electricity plugs at the periphery of the room to keep the computers in LAN, Now, 7 computers have been installed with language software.  There is an LCD projector hanging middle in the room focusing on the smart board. The smart board is fixed in this way that can be used as screen as well as smart board. There are near about 30 chairs and stools for the students in the lab.


Lab Area: 21 X 25 =526 Square feet


Lab Cost: 5.00 (Lacks)

Major Equipment Available In Lab:

Sr. No. Name of Equipment / Software Quantity Cost
1. LCD Projector 1 80000/-
2. Computers 7 210000/-
3. Smart Board 1 50000/-

Services Provided:

  1. Video Clips related to Syllabus are shown.
  2. The students are guided to use the Grammar and Soft-Skills Software.
  3. Lectures of Special Papers of English Language and /literature are conducted on PPTs
  4. A Course of Basics of English Language is conducted in the lab
  5. Various programmes of the department are observed in the lab.
  6. Soft Skills Development Programme for TYBA students is held with the help of computers and the space available in the lab.