NSS Activities

Activities of NSS are divided into two major Groups,

  • Regular Activities
  • Special Camping Activities.

Regular Activity: – It involves number of programs such as,

  • Celebration of National Days.
  • Tree Plantation.
  • Blood Donation Camp.
  • Rallies on Social Issue to Aware people.
  • International Literacy Day.
  • Road Safety Week Celebration.
  • Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.
  • Covid Vaccination Camp
  • Awareness Programmes.
  • Debate Competition and easy competition.
  • Cultural Programme.
  • Lecture’s on Social topic.
  • World cycling day
  • Environment day
  • Sanvidhan Din
  • Shiv Jayanti

Special Winter Camp is for Seven Days. Fifty Percent Volunteers out of total strength can appear for this special camp. Special Camp is arranged in Village which is 5-10 kms. away from the college. During special camp, different programme are arranged. Shramdan is the basic part of the camp in which various works are carried out such as CCT, Road Construction, Plantation, Cleanliness, Peoples from adopted village are also involved in various activity. Street Plays, Dramas, one act plays are performed in the village on social issue to create awareness among the peoples. Lectures on some social subjects are also arranged in the camp. All the seven days volunteers stay in the village to understand the problems in the rural areas and their role in the society. During the seven days, volunteersinteract with the villagers. In this interaction they understand the problems of people from rural areas and aware about that. In the time of evening volunteers goes into village survey. From the survey they can identify the needs and problems of the community. Cultural Programme is celebrated in the last day of the Special Camp. In the cultural programme all the volunteers are actively participated. Also making awareness among the society regarding early marriage, child labor problem, illiteracy etc.