Sports Infrastructural Facilities

Learning resources: –

  1. Sports play field: -Play  Ground
  2. Computers : -Computer facility is available.
  3. Other resources : -Department have Table Tennis Table, Carrom Boards, Chess, Wrestling matt, Net Ball Pole Set, Volleyball Pole Set, Kho-Kho Pole set, hockey Goal Post etc.


The college has provided a bulk of indoor and outdoor sports and games facilities catering to the diverse need of the sports personnel. Besides the college is committed to innovate, modernize, and update the existing sports facilities. In fact the Departments believe only in provision of the distinguished facilities made available to the sports personnel are as under:

  1. A) Outdoor sports and games facilities:

It is our immense pleasure to state that, the college authority has provided the outdoor sports facilities as under

The Department of Physical Education has a Sports playground of 55X60 mt. acres open to all the outdoor sports facilities along with the following outdoor games facilities have been provided specially.

The overall sports Area: – 04 acres.

Office: – 25 x20 feet.


Sr No. Ground Sr No. Ground
1 Kho-Kho 8 Football
2 Volleyball 9 Netball
3 Handball 10 Kabaddi
4 Cricket 11 Softball
5 Baseball 12 Korfball
6 Ball Badminton 13 Hockey
7 Athletics(Track& Field events)  14  400m. Track


  1. B) Indoor sports & Games facilities:        
  2. a)     Well Equipped Gym: Indoor Stadium With All Facilities.

This gym has been well equipped with all the modern material and machineries required to body building to increase strength and endurance. Near about 75 to 100 student’s workouts in this gym daily. This Gym has been doing well in providing Gym facilities to the poor and needy students belongs to the rural area and all the sections of the society irrespective of class, caste and place of birth. The Gym is opened from 6:30 A.M to 8:30 A.M in the morning and 4:00 PM to 6.00 PM in the evening. The students belong to 25 to 30 rural villages in the outskirts of Satana have been provided the Gym facility as they have no other sources of the Gym in their locality.

Sr No. Ground Sr No. Ground
1 Chess 6 Wrestling
2 Table Tennis 7 Boxing
3 Weight-Lifting Hall,

Power Lifting

8 Judo
4 Multi GYM for Men & Women 9 Yoga
5 Rope Mallkhamb, Gymnastics  10.  Badminton
  • Weight training, multi station equipments
  • Multipurpose Gym with weight lifting/ power lifting equipments and Best Physique.      
  1. C) Multipurpose hall:

The multipurpose hall is opened to the sports personnel to provide the sports and games facilities. The college has provided this facility to organize competitions and sports activities. So, this ensures the optimum use of this hall which proves immensely useful. This multipurpose hall provides the following indoor facilities as under.

The above indoor and outdoor sports facilities enhance and enriches the competency of the sports persons in the college and facilitates the abilities of the students in the sports activities.

 A Position of the Department

  • Year of Establishment: 15 June, 1967
  • Sanctioned Posts: 01
  • Present Position :        01
  • Office Area :        25 X 20 Feet
  • The Office Area of the Department of Physical Education & Sports Measures 25 X  30 Feet

Gymnasium: –

  1. A) The College Spacious Gymnasium Hall admeasuringarea: -40X20m.
  2. B) 6 Station multi-Gym equipment such as peck-deck, Cable-Cross over Smith Machine Weight Lifting etc. are available for conditioning & Fitness exercises for all students & staff.
  3. C).

Sports Equipment Store Area: It has spacious area: -30X20 Feet.

All types of equipment are store in this area

  • Flag Hosting Platform: – 60X30 feet
  • Flag Hosting Platform: –Multipurpose use the sports activities.

Other Support/Infrastructure facilities enriching the campus

The college has provided the following other infrastructural facilities to enhance the sports activities and events.

  1. a) Changing room:

The college has availed separate changing rooms for the ladies and gents with WBC including all the amenties.

  1. b) Store Area:

The department has separate store area. This store area is used for lending and issuing the sports, materials and equipments to the sportsmen during the practice sessions.

  1. c) Separate Office:

The College has provided separate office to the departments of the physical Education and sports to look in the matters of the administrative affairs of the sports activities.

  1. d) Sanitary and Toilets:

The college has provided separate sanatoriums and toilet for the Physical Education and Sports Department.

  1. e) Canteen adjoining the Physical Education & Sports:

The College canteen adjoining the physical education & sports provides subsidized food to the sports personnel.

Infrastructure Available off Campus:


Sr. No. Event Sr. No. Event
1 Cross Country 12 Cricket
2 Body Physique 13 Boxing
3 Gymnastics 14 Athletics
4 Judo 15 Ball Badminton
5 Kabaddi 16 Weight Lifting
6 Power Lifting 17 Table Tennis
7 Chess 18 Net Ball
8 Handball 19 Badminton
9 Volleyball 20 Football
10 Kho-Kho 21 Wrestling
11 Soft Ball 22  Hockey


The college provides incentives as under to the sports personnel to enhance sports performance

  • Travelling & Dearness allowances.
  • Sports Kits, T shirts, Banyan, Shorts, Anklets and Knee Cap etc.
  • Sports Equipment.
  • Spikes and Studs, shoes and other material.
  • Prize distribution- Certificates Momento, Medals, Kitbags, track suits, Shoes, Trophies etc.
  • Extra Coaching through experts has been provided to the sportsmen.
  • Earn and Learn Scheme, Preface to Admission, Free Medical.


A well-equipped Gym has been started to facilitate weight lifting, multi-station equipment along with weight lifting, power lifting, and body building equipments with yoga facilities.

  • Multipurpose indoor hall has been made available with wooden turf.
  • Wrestling, Judo, Gymnastics mats, yoga mats, Table Tennis Table, Badminton court.
  • Outdoor facilities have been increased, Green Gym, double bar single bar available.
  • Overall participation has been increased
  • A visit of Dr. Lahanu Jadhav international cyclist.
  • Kiran pawar national player of malakhamb has been organized to provide coaching and inspiration